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I’m an interdisciplinary artist, working mostly in large-scale sculptures and digital collages.

As an artist, I am constantly exploring the intersection of the physical and the intangible.
My main philosophy for creation is bricolage, a French word that means "to tinker" or "to make do with what you have." 
This concept is at the core of my artistic practice, as I integrate found objects and diverse materials to artworks that challenge traditional notions of beauty and form and deal with the will for survival.

One of my main themes is the basic unconscious actions which keep the body alive - inhalation and exhalation, suction and emission, digestion and excretion. 

These emerge into consciousness only when there is some kind of “malfunction”, or an anxiety about such an issue.


My sculptures are often made from found objects, such as scrap metal, wood, and plastic.

They are “sloppy” by intention, nonchalant, assembled together into machines that seek to overcome death, in modes of action reminiscent of the human body.

This eternal essence of the machine is the neverending action - perpetuum mobile which my sculptures aspire to.


My digital collages are also created from “found” images, which I then assemble into sets of networks of meanings, referencing ancient mythologies with everyday existence, and ultimately also deal with the preservation of life.


As in the myth of Frankenstein, the attempt to fuse together images and materials from different sources and impose coherence on them, which will defy the angel of death, is predestined for failure. In this way, my art reveals the absurdity of this attempt for everlasting life and health.

Born in 1986, lives and works in Haifa, Israel

Lecturer at Oranim College, Art department, Tivon, Israel 


2024  Art Lane Fund grant for an upcoming exhibition. 

2021  Long-term Residency at the Pyramid Gallery | Haifa | Israel. 

2018  Hecht Museum's Art Award for Young Artists | Haida | Israel.

2018   Full scholarship and exhibition for M.F.A students from Haifa University | Israel. 

2017   Scholarship and exhibition for M.F.A students from Haifa University | Israel. 

2014   Excellence Award for Graduation Exhibition | Oranim College | Israel

2014   America- Israel Cultural Foundation Art Scholarship. 

2014   Curator's Choice Award | Nazareth Gallery | Israel. 

Solo Exhibitions

2024 (Upcoming)  "Above and below”, Maya gallery | Tell-aviv | Israel  Curator: Ruth oppenheim 

2021  "For we can overcome it" | Gordon- London house | Rishon Lezion Municipal Art Gallery | Israel | Curator: Efi Gen.

2019   "Well" | Cabri Arab-Jewish Coop Gallery | Kibbutz Cabri | Israel Curator: Avshalom Suliman.

2019   "Layers of identity" | Young artists competition - winner's exhibition | Hecht Museum | Haifa | Israel | Curator: Inna Berkowits.

2015   "Surfaces" | Cabri Arab-Jewish Coop Gallery | Kibbutz Cabri | Israel | Curator: Yochay Avrahami.

Public Sculpture

2022  Cite Road Map | Floor engraving and black epoxy | Part of Two Imaginary Points and the Landscape Permanent Exhibition in             the Stair Quarter | Haifa | Israel.

2022  The Man and the Machine | Wall engraving and white grout | Sculpture Garden | Oranim college | Israel.

2021   Grasp | Outdoor sculpture | Part of Buga Festival | Erfurt  Germany.

2018   Saved from Your Hands | Wall engraving and black grout | Part of Pyramid Platform, a multi- disciplinary Art Event | Pyramid              Gallery | Haifa | Israel.


Selected Exhibitions​

2020   "Security indices" | Cabri Arab-Jewish Coop Gallery | Kibbutz Cabri | Israel | Curator: Ruth Oppenheim.

2020   "Bitter water" | Rishon Lezion Municipal Art Gallery | Israel  Curator: Rayah Keidar.

2019    "In our love a body becomes a place" | Social Bauhaus Festival  Haifa | Israel | Curator: Galia Bar Or.

2018   "Beton beach" | Gate 3 gallery | Haifa| Israel | Curator: Iris Cintra.

2018   "40+08" | Art Marathon in the Negev | Be'er Sheva | Israel. 

2017    "40 Years to Cabri Gallery" | Cabri Arab-Jewish Coop Gallery  Kibbutz Cabri | Israel | Curator: Drora Dekel.

2017   "Mixed Impressions" | Gate 3 Gallery | Haifa | Israel | Curator: Nerya Shohat.

2016   "n29- n33" | Co-exhibition | "The Bolder" | Haifa | Israel  Curator: Adva Guttel.

2015   "Out of Place" | Cabri Arab-Jewish Coop Gallery | Kibbutz Cabri  Israel | Curator: Drora Dekel.

2014   AICF Gala| | New York | USA.

2014   "Wall to wall" group exhibition | Beit Hagefen, Arab-Jewish cultural center gallery, Haifa, Israel | Curator: Sharon Poliakine.

2014   "Sal Shevarim", group exhibition | the Cabri Arab-Jewish Coop Gallery, Kibbutz Cabri, Israel | Curator: Avi Ifergan.


2019   M.F.A | Haifa University | Haifa | Israel.

2014   B.Ed. | Art department | Oranim College | Tivon | Israel.

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